Novum Formula focuses on the development and marketing of healthcare products based on innovative ingredients and solid research. The goal is to contribute to a positive health trend and to offer improved quality of life through products that treat or support the functions of the human body.

Liver Performance

Liver Performance has been developed as a daily "vitamin tablet" for the liver. The tablets are manufactured in Sweden. It contains a combination of herbal extracts from park slides, grapes and artichokes, as well as turmeric, black pepper and choline.

Eye Performance

Eye Performance contains quercetin, rutin, vitamin E, zinc and selenium. It is a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements should be combined with a versatile and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

MedicaNatumin grounded in 1948 and now is one of leading company in Scandinavia with products for nutrition supplements and skin care.  The brands include leading dietary supplements such as L-Argiplex and Nypozin and the scientifically documented skin care series Jabushe. The company also has distribution rights for popular dietary supplements such as Astaxin, Ester-C and Kyolic.

Ecomer Gold

Ecomer® Gold + Omega-3 is a dietary supplement that contains fish oil and shark liver oil. Shark liver oil is the best natural source of alkyglycerols. The fish oil's omega-3 fatty acids contain EPA and DHA which contribute to the normal functioning of the heart at a daily intake of 250 mg.


The dietary supplement Astaxin is a combination of the antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E, which help protect the cells from oxidative stress. * Vitamin C also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Astaxin also consists of the carotenoid astaxanthin.

Hair Optimizer

Hair Optimizer is a dietary supplement with nutrients for the hair root that contributes to normal hair growth. With organic extract from millet - rich in miliacin, organic wheat germ extract and the amino acid L-cysteine which is an important part of the protein keratin - the protein from which the hair is primarily composed.


L-Argiplex Total is developed together with some of Sweden's experts in the field of sex, desire and function. 2017 was named L-Argiplex for this year's Energy Boost at the Swedish Health Awards.


Nypozine is the market's most highly concentrated rosehip product - 4 times more concentrated than a regular, high quality rosehip powder. Rosehip (Rosa canina L.) supports the health of the joints and helps maintain the mobility of the joints.


reMoist is a vegan product. It contains oil from the sea buckthorn. The oil contains no additives, but only consists of 100% natural sea buckthorn oil from the whole berry.

Rosenrot Forte

The dietary supplement Rosenrot forte contains a standardized, highly concentrated extract of the herb rose root (Rhodiola rosea L.), and the patented black pepper extract Bioperine® (Piper Nigrum L.).


Zedopor is a direct-acting spray that reduces snoring and effectively suppresses snoring sound. Contains a formula of vegetable oils that suppress the vibration of the tissue in the back of the palate and the upper part of the pharynx.


When it starts to feel in your throat, take a Colizin! Colizin is a lozenge for the throat containing menthol that appears soothing during irritation of the mouth and throat.

Elexir Pharma offers genuine natural self-care products with ingredients that have a positive effect on health, shown through scientific studies or proven experience. The company works today in a network of specialists with background from both traditional medicine and alternative therapies.

Blue Eye

Blue Eye also contains quercetin, rutin, vitamin E, zinc and selenium. Blue Eye is a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements should be combined with a versatile and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


Shark cartilage concentrate with natural collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate from fish species classified as non-red listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


Purefish® Omega 3 contains Norwegian fish oil from salmon, herring, sandeel and cod from the Arctic Sea. Fish species with high monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and the unique omega-3 fatty acid DPA.


Elexir Lactic acid bacteria contains 10 billion good lactic acid bacteria from 8 different strains. The capsule shell is gastric acid resistant so that the bacteria can pass the stomach and reach the intestine undamaged.

Fenugreek Man

Fenugreek Man, with fenugreek seeds, zinc and magnesium, contributes to the development of normal testosterone levels - while supporting the development of muscle mass and metabolism.

Urilock Plus

Urilock Plus® is made from the leaves of Icelandic quince (Angelica archangelica) that grows wild in Icelandic nature. Females have been used in Icelandic folk culture for over 1000 years.

Cran Cure

Cran Cure contains birch leaf extract that supports the normal functioning of the lower urinary tract.The organic cranberry and lingon extract contains proantocyanates, which are part of the red dye in the berries.

CLA thistle & tan

Thistle & tan increases fat burning and maintains muscle mass. Contributes to a smooth and natural tan. Organic thistle oil with CLA and organic Dunaliella salina algae with natural beta carotene.

Pharma Nord is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of preventive dietary supplements and herbal remedies. The company develops, manufactures and markets scientifically well founded dietary supplements, herbal remedies and medical drugs based on optimal bio-availability, safety and documentation.

Bio-Qinon Active Q10 Gold

Contains bioidentical CoQ10, active ubiquinone with superior bioavailability and outstanding safety.


Calcium supplements from Pharma Nord contain calcium, vitamin D3, K1 and K2. Bio-Calcium + D3 + K1 + K2 uses a high percentage of elemental calcium in an easily absorbed form.


Ginkgo bilobasupplements from Pharma Nord is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Ginkgo biloba benefits may include maintaining good blood circulation and supporting cognitive functions (such as memory, recall and processing).


Contains a patented organic selenium with a guaranteed 88.7% absorption in the body. Documented in more than 40 published studies, including the groundbreaking KiSel-10 study.


Fiber supplements from Pharma Nord provide a wholesome blend of dietary fibers from lemon peel and sugar beet, that compensates for the lack of fiber in modern diets.


50 µg edition of the original organically bound chromium, with high bioavailablity. Chromium plays a role in macronutrient metabolism and for a normal blood sugar.


A combination of essential vitamins and minerals, which supports the protection of cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals.


Strong vitamin B complex. The various B vitamins interact in the body in various ways. Contain all eight B vitamins.


Scientific research shows that there are many Pycnogenol benefits, and the product can help to improve heart health and circulation, joint health, seasonal itchy eyes and runny nose, glucose control, menstrual discomfort, and skin issues!