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About Us

Fancé AB is a leading wholesale company in Scandinavia, who delivers value to its customers by providing quality products. Grounded in 2010 in Stockholm, Fancé has built a business model to bring the best Scandinavia nutrition supplements and natural skin care products to Europe and other parts of the world. 

Fancé has the vision to enable more people a better, more active and happier life, with premium and natural products with roots in Scandinavia. The key to this is to understand their needs – in everyday stress, an optimal diet is not always easy to accomplish. Therefore, Fancé daily works in the fields of sales, research, product development and consulting to close this gap so that a perfect diet can be also implemented into a hectic lifestyle.

Fancé has all attributes in order to adapt quickly and flexibly to international and changing market requirements, while at the same time satisfying the needs of its customers and partners. Constant enhancement and development of our product range, forward-looking strategies and the early discovery of new trends are the core tasks of the company.

Fancé work closely with brand developers, manufacturers, and retails in Scandinavia. Together with its partners,  Fancé is developing extensive business network and smart business models in order to maintain and increase its success on the market, locally and globally. Based on its know-how and strong network in China, Fancé offers also tailor-made marketing and sales service package for Scandinavia companies to develop their business in the world’s largest market China.